(Out of Stock ) Dry Erase Command Board. Pick the 4 dry erase that you want and include in the notes section, when ordering.

$ 225.00 - $ 225.00

Please note:  The Dry Erase Command Boards are out of stock until March or April of 2019

By popular demand we have created this Command Board with Dry Erase Command Boards throughout. All of the panels can interchange with
any Dry Erase Boards we offer. You can 
store extra Dry Erase boards in the center section. You choose the configuration you want. Boards come with two small blank dry erase on the left panels and you can choose the remaining 4  boards, Choose all blank or any combination of the screened Dry Erase Boards we offer and add additional as needed. (Comes with 4 Standard Size Dry Erase Boards). ( Customer can pick which 4 large dry erase boards from our inventory. These include standard ICS, fire ICS, fire ground, tactical entry, airplane cad, suspect info, incident info, map grid or blank ) When ordering please use the note section to list which 4 dry erase you would like to choose. They are numbered 1 thru 9 at the top of each different dry erase. 

We also recommend buying wet erase markers. They can be purchased at any large stationary store.       " Expo Vis A Vis" is one Company that sells them. Wet erase markers dry and will resist smudging until moisture is added to the erase rag.They are available in different colors and are sold as a pack. 


Standard Command Board. The Standard size Dry Erase Command Boards are currently out of stock until March or April of 2019. 

The Standard Command Board is designed to be a multi-purpose Incident Command Tool and can incorporate all available Incident Command Packages. It is used primarily by Law Enforcement, Schools and for basic Emergency Management.

The Standard Board folds into a briefcase size of 15” x 22” and expands in seconds to the full 31” x 56” size ready for use. It fits easily on a table, car hood and hangs easily with the two enclosed hanging straps. 

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